Seminary Programs

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NOTE: We do not yet have authority to offer degree programs. The following programs will be available when we have received Authorization to Operate from the State of North Dakota

NPBS offers a Master of Divinity as a terminal degree program. NPBS also offers two degrees as subsets of the Master of Divinity degree. The Certificate of Biblical Studies and the Master of Biblical Studies degrees can be completed in one year (30 credit hours) and two year (60 credit hours) formats. These programs are designed to prepare Christians for various opportunities in service including missions, church leadership, pastor, and teaching. Students must hold an advanced degree (BS/BA or higher) to enter this program.
(See the Academic Catalog for details.)

Certificate of Biblical Studies 30 Hours
30-hours Bible exposition core
Master of Biblical Studies 60 Hours + Thesis
45-hours Bible exposition core
9-hours Pastoral ministry core
6-hours language core
6-hours Thesis (75 pages)
Master of Divinity 90 Hours + Thesis
45-hours Bible exposition core
18-hours Pastoral ministry core
12-hours Biblical language core
15-hour Electives
6-hours Thesis (100 pages)