Bible School Programs (Undergraduate)

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NOTE: We do not yet have authority to offer degree programs. The following programs will be available when we have received Authorization to Operate from the State of North Dakota

NPBS is dedicated to help students meet their educational goals. For that reason, NPBS is offering the opportunity for students who have not completed a basic college degree to complete under-graduate programs in Biblical Studies. Students entering this program must have earned a High School diploma or a GED. The programs offered at NPBS leading to degrees are a two-year Associate of Biblical Studies and a four-year Bachelor of Biblical. Undergraduate courses are offered in two-blocks per semester. The program can be completed in the allotted time when students take five courses (15 hours) each semester (one block of two classes and one block of three classes). All undergraduate students are required to take two courses in spiritual formation.
(See the Academic Catalog for details.)

Associate of Biblical Studies 60 Hours
30-hours general education core
21-hours general Bible core
9-hours theology core
Bachelor of Biblical Studies 120 Hours
60-hours general education core
51-hours general Bible core
9-hours theology core