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Evangelism Course titled "You Can Tell It"
by Dr. Larry Moyer lead by Dr Jon Hanson (2011 fall semester)

11 students completed the 15 week course (9 pictured)

(Course next offered @ NPBS in Fall of 2012)
The class can also be taken in groups as an intensive at different locations.
Please contact us for more info!

* Please note that this course can meet by arrangement. It is available for individuals online or for groups in a traditional setting if we have more than three students. Contact Dr. Jon Hanson (jon.hanson@npbsonline.org) for more information.

NPBS offers a 15-week evangelism training course for all students and community members. Dr. Larry Moyer (www.evantell.org) designed this course for Christian students who desire to be equipped to effectively evangelize those with whom they have personal contact. It is a study of the correct and Biblical approach to personal evangelism, emphasizing:

  • clarity of the message
  • correcting common misconceptions
  • the principle of culturally contextual relevance
  • discipleship

The purpose of the course is to educate the student to approach evangelism with a Biblical perspective and equip the student to confidently and effectively communicate the Gospel through:

  • A concise, personal testimony
  • A firm understanding of the Gospel
  • Knowledge of key Scripture verses and their context
  • Familiarity and comfort with a presentation of the Gospel message that is clear and simple
  • Understanding of misapplications of Scripture and the ability to refute misconceptions
  • A basic knowledge of the impact of cultural context
  • Basic knowledge of discipleship
  • Practical experience sharing the Gospel

Upon completion of the course, the student will:

  • Be able to share a personal testimony of salvation
  • Have the ability to communicate a clear and simple gospel message utilizing an accurate presentation from scripture
  • Demonstrate biblical discernment concerning the misconceptions of requirements for salvation
  • Have practical experience presenting the Gospel to unbelievers

In addition, we are certified to present the "You Can Tell It!" seminar to interested groups. This seminar was developed by Dr. Larry Moyer of EvanTell Ministries (www.evantell.org).

We offer the seminar in 4-hour or 2-hour formats. The short seminars are ideal for church and civic groups. We will work with you to set up and present a seminar at your location.

Read "Eight Keys to Grace-Based Evangelism" by Dr. Larry Moyer

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us!